May 2022

Dean of Moscow Poly Transport Faculty Commented on Mayor Office Plans to Revive ‘Moskvich’

Pablo Iturralde, the dean of Moscow Poly Transport Faculty commented on city administration plans to revive ‘Moskvich’ car brand:

“I`m sure that the first task is to establish automotive production under classic configuration ICE. Like the ones that were produced before, only under a new brand. What they`ll be like and whether they are going to be similar to ‘Renault’ depends on what agreement the parties will make at the earliest possible time.

We should also take into account that none of the international automakers has total localization of components. In my opinion, it`s possible for Russia now to reach 50% localization. One of the key goals set before the Russian producers is to look for reliable suppliers in the friendly countries. Because 100% localization requires a minimum of 10 years of work and investments into the industry.

When it comes to student projects, for example, 70-80% localization is not going to be a problem when developing electro bikes. Thus, in February 2022, Moscow Poly showcased its new MIG R2 electro bike that has passed testing out on ice under extremal conditions of Siberia. Over 80% of components were produced within the University walls. Among improvements, there is a composite body kit made of carbon fiber, the material that makes the bike light but endurable”.


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