June 2020

Results of the Correspondence Creative Contest "Favourite National Dish of my Family"

Moscow Polytechnic University has summed up the results of the correspondence competition for the best video of the process of cooking your favorite national dish.

The organizers of the competition (Faculty of Economics and Management and Directorate for Educational and Social Work of Moscow Polytechnic University) offered students of Russian and foreign universities, schools and colleges to tell in a short video about their favorite national dish and shoot the process of its cooking and serving. The works sent to the contest were evaluated by a professional jury, which noted the inspiration and interest of the approach to the process of cooking dishes of the contest, a creative approach to shooting videos and the international  participants. In total, 46 works were sent to the contest, and more than half of them were submitted by foreign participants. Our country was represented by contestants from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kolomna, Ivanteevka, Tuchkovo and other cities and regions.

The works of the participants were evaluated by a jury led by well-known experts in the field of culinary art:     N. A. Baratov, an international culinary judge, certified by the World Association of Chefs (WorldChefs - WACS), an honorary member of the National Guild of Chefs of Russia and foreign professional associations and M. M. Vagabov, a judge WACS, professor of the department "Humanities" of the Faculty of Basic Competencies, co-author of the book "Culinary Travel in Dagestan".

The first place was taken by a student of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Moscow Polytechnic Sabina Abdullayeva (Azerbaijan), who sent a video of cooking dolma and got the highest score according to the total jury's scores .

The second place was shared between Khristiela Valentinova Krasteva, a student of Sofia Higher Business School "MTM College" (Bulgaria)  with a video of cooking a Bulgarian dish, a twisted banitsa and Anton Gridchin, a student of Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman with a dish of French quiche.

The third place was shared between Tatyana Klimchuk, a student of the East Ukrainian National University named after Vladimir Dal (Ukraine), who prepared original borsch for the contest, and Mbumba Shekina (Congo), a student of the Faculty of Urbanism and Urban Economics of Moscow Polytechnic University, who sent a recipe for cooking national fish soup.

We thank all participants for their creativity, inspiration and interesting ideas!

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