May 2020

Congratulations on the Day of Victory of the President of Moscow Polytechnic University Vladimir V. Miklushevskii

Dear Friends! Honoured Veterans!

Today we celebrate the sacramental holiday to everyone of our people. Seventy-five years ago, a victorious point in the most difficult and disastrous in the World history Great Patriotic War, was set. We are proud of our fathers, grandfathers and grand-grandfathers were who saved the World from fascism.

Our country faced the enemy's most severe attacks. There were the decisive battles of the World War II on our land. At a price of tens of millions lifes we got the Victory, which belongs to our people, young and old. Valor, unbending will and powerful support of the whole country helped the Heroes to overstand the darkest of days. 

Today we pay the tribute to the memory of everyone, who gave their lives for our Homeland. Again and again we bow to those, who survived. Honoured Veterans! We look up to you! Thank you! We wish you good health, happiness, warmth and care for your family and friends! Congratulations on the Day of the Great Victory!

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