March 2023

400+ Moscow Poly Students Competed in Knowledge of English

Moscow Poly held an annual Olympiad in English among the University students of all field areas. The contest was held in 2 stages: online stage engaged 439 participants. Among them 142 have coped with the task by 50% and more. After that, during the offline stage (group and individual) the jury board has chosen the winners.

The Olympiad aims at promoting English, boosting motivation to study foreign languages, as well as broadening sociocultural and linguistic-regional competencies of students.

According to the organization, the online tasks have always been professionally oriented and divided into 3 parts: listening, reading of English authentic texts, and lexical-grammar part. At the offline stage, the participants were expected to work in teams and individual work on the tasks provided, as well as participate in linguistic and cultural quiz.

The list of the winners is as follows:

1 place – Grigory Lyamunov, group 211-632

2 place – Egor Serzhntov, group 211-724

3 place – Uliana Мikhalyova, group 221-012

According to the PR student Grigory Lyamunov who studies at the faculty of economics and management, he didn`t pay much attention before the 8th grade.

“But after that, I started studying it myself. I was fast to learn all the words, rules and so on. I think, the knowledge of the language played the biggest role in my future. I found many international friends. Also, English helps me learn new things, almost 90% of the content that I watch is in English. I`ve never been abroad but now I think that I can easily maintain a conversation with speakers”, - Grigory says.

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