April 2023

Over 130 Wrote Anniversary Total Dictation at Moscow Poly

On April 8, Moscow Poly held a annual educational campaign – total dictation. In 2023, the campaign turned 20 years. 132 people came to the venue to check their knowledge.

According to the organization committee, the dictation aims at demonstrating that being literate is important for every person, and that studying Russian is not easy but interesting and useful. Anyone irrespective of sex, age, education or profession can write a total dictation.

The unique peculiarity of the dictation is that it`s specifically made by a famous writer and is read aloud by actors, tv hosts, sportsmen and other prominent figures.

This year, the text for the Total Dictation 2023 was prepared by Vasily Avchenko, writer and journalist who lives in Vladivostok, the finalist of many awards in literature.

The text was read out loud for the participants by the theater and cinema actor Sergei Epishev. Sergei graduated Theater School named after Boris Schukin and is currently cooperating with various theater troops and creative communities

Sergei has been successfully filming in movies since 2002. He starred in such works as “Ne Rodis Krasivoy”, “Zona Turbulentnosti”, “Krem”, “Sklifosofskiy”, “Besprintsipnye”, “Avrora”, “Tyotya Marta”, “Kikhnya”, “Kukhnya v Parizhe”, “Kukhnya. Posledyaia Bitva”.

After the dictation, the participants with pleasure talked to Sergei Epishev, took photos together and received autographs.

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