June 2023

Best Curator of the Year Kseniia Konstantinova – “Show that Student Life is Wonderful”

Moscow Poly has held an awarding ceremony for the ”Curator of the Year” nomination. The victory in the nomination “Best Curator of the Year” went to the Faculty of Information Technologies third-year student Kseniia Konstantinova. As for the “Best Participant of “School for Curators’”, the first place went to the first-year student of the Faculty of Information Technologies Alexandra Zhgun.

Kseniia shared her experience of curating and emotions that the victory gave her with the Moscow Poly press office.

A year ago, she undertook an education at the “School for Curators”, successfully passed the examination and was transferred to a subordinate group 221-328 – the group for the freshmen of the Faculty of Information Technologies (field area “Cyber Physical Systems”).

«It was very exciting and interesting. During work, I obtained much knowledge and learnt a lot about myself. Curating gives you a unique opportunity to try on various roles, develop leadership qualities and organizational skills. My sphere of activity in the community is to constantly promote skills movement and improvement. I learnt to self-reflect, accept and analyze both achievements and mistakes. Sometimes I wonder how much I change over the year. I became stronger, resilient, in some sense more calm, reasonable and adaptive. I can surely say that curating has changed me for the better. That`s why I`m putting much efforts into developing the community”.

Kseniia notes that curator is the first person at the University that freshmen communicate with after the admission campaign:

“They (curator) are a conductor, guide, senior mentor. A person who, in the course of the whole first academic year, accompanies students in the group, help them immerse in the world of student life, adapt to a new environment, introduces to the University corporate culture”.

During the year, curators organize different events for the group, such as networkings, team building games, entertainment events, etc.

“When it comes to my freshmen, we keep ‘together’ all the time during the first year. Everything started with calls and adding them to the chats. I remember how scary and exciting our first interaction was. Then, the adaptive course followed – probably, the most outstanding event for the freshmen in the beginning of the academic year. I`m sure that curators to great extent influence on what the group will become. It`s very important to introduce all students to each other, tune them in for positive, not let them be bored, demonstrate on your own example that student life is cool. After that, all the way through the year we still often met, called each other and talked. The freshmen asked to help them with studies, scholarships, dormitories, allowances, passes and so on. And we can always talk about life and eat together. The guys know for sure – I`m always near”.

Kseniia also shared what she felt when she was awarded the prize from the “Moscow Poly Curators” community.

I really wanted to win, to prove to myself that I`m the best. During the awarding ceremony I was sitting next to one of my freshmen who graduated from “School for Curators” this year. When the time came for the “Best Curator of the Year” he told me – “I know that it`s your name there, all our group knows it”. And I cried. When the winner`s name was announced, everything inside was screaming “It wasn`t in vain, it gets better and better”.

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