February 2024

As if I Always Lived Here” – International Student on Moving to Moscow, Studying at Moscow Polytech and Love for City

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering student fr om Tajikistan shares how he decided to move to Russian, why he chose Moscow Polytech and what he likes about the University most of all.

Why did you decide to move to Russia?

That was quite a spontaneous decision, I didn`t have any specific plan. When I graduated fr om school I submitted documents to various international universities- Beijing, Wuhan, Bishkek and Moscow. I wanted to study technical disciplines but with Beijing I had to apply for pharmaceutics because they only had quota for this field of training. In the end, I changed my mind. The thing is I had to study Chinese to study for free, and that is difficult. So it happened so that I passed everywhere, so I was thinking about wh ere to go. Finally, I chose Moscow as the city is closer and the mentality is similar.

Share with us, what do you study now?

My program is called “Quality Control and Industry 4.0” – it`s a modern industry for technologies development since the last scientific-research revolution. Having graduated I`ll be working as an engineer but I still haven`t figured out the specific sphere. I feel closer to design and construction.

How is Moscow?

When I only flew here I had a feeling like I`m in foreign country. I`ve been to many places and I had the same feeling with the other countries, too. The problem wasn`t about the language barrier since I know English well, but about people and atmosphere. But with Moscow, everything turned out well – it`s as if I`ve always lived here.

How were you received in Moscow Polytech?

Wonderful, I didn`t feel like a stranger. On the first day, the was a meeting held, I found my academic group and started talking to guys. Later thanks to the University social networks and website. I found out that there is a plentitude of various student communities. I tried everything: I was a curator, creative workshop member and even tried on the role of a leader. It helped me understand how everything works. So I was trying different things in the course of 6 months but in the end I settled down in a trade union organization because that`s what I preferred. There were moments when I missed home and my country but that`s normal for all newcomers. A lot of my friends who had moved to Russian earlier than me warned that the groupmates may fool around too much and the teacher may be strict. But nothing of that happened. There were 5 international students beside me in my group during the bachelor studies. And during the education, we managed to get along and find common ground.

Are there any communities for international students?

We do. I`m working at an international directorate, and we have repeatedly brought up the question of establishing an international club at Moscow Polytech wh ere all international student can come and participate in the events. So, we have established such a club. Our project has become strategic one in the framework of project activity. I`m the curator of my group and am responsible for organizing the meetings. The most popular event now is the Speaking Club. Not only international but also Russian students come there, so there are usually 40-50 people. We have recently celebrated February 14th. Many international students came. It was really funny, and everybody was interacting with each other. It`d be nice to turn this project into an official student community. We`re working on it and trying to show cool results.

How fast did you manage to learn the language and adapt to the city?

Parents taught me to speak both Russian and English. I love walking along, and in the beginning that helped me a lot. This way I found many beautiful places in Moscow. And when the studies started, I walked together with friends.

What do you like about Moscow Polytech the best?

Here I started communicating more with people I think, and develop my soft skills. Here I diversify. I didn`t come to study only and sit hide behind the books. At the University I managed to find the qualities about myself I didn`t know existed. Simply because I tried a lot of different things. University is not about knowledge, but also personal growth. Here, everyone will help you and meet you halfway.

What do you like about Moscow?

My favorite place to walk is Vorobyovy Gory. I like Russian cuisine because back in the days mom always cooked this kind of food. The only thing I don`t like about Moscow is the cold.

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