December 2022

Application Period for ‘PIK’ Annual Award Starts at Moscow Poly

Moscow Poly is launching an application period for the “PIK” award that`s awarded for the high achievements in the scientific-research, social, cultural-creative and sports spheres of the University.

One can try themselves out in the following nominations:

“Start Up of the Year” (persona or collective/group that proved themselves in extracurricular activity, event or project information support and awareness in a student environment and beyond its boarders).

“The Victory of the Year” (persona, collective/group, event or project awarded the first or winning place, or Grand Prix at various contests that were implemented for the first time this year and that received inform)

“The Event of the Year” (an event or project implemented by the students that would contribute to science, arts, sports, social activity promotion and have social, charity or environmental importance)

“The best Creative Collective”

“The Persona of the Year in Creative Sphere”

“The Best Scientific Collective”

“The Persona of the Year in Science”

“The Best Sports Team”

“The Persona of the Year in Sports”

“The Best Collective in Social Activity”

“The Persona of the Year in Social Activity”


To participate in the contest, one has to fill in the Google application form depending on the nomination:

Group nominations

Individual nominations

Event of the Year


A more detailed information can be found in the provision on the contest selection for the “PIK” annual award for Moscow Poly students attached below.

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