December 2021

Alexander Novikov. Young Scientist of Moscow Poly

It is a common stereotype, that science is no more than beakers, chemicals and molecules, but in reality research can be both variant and fascinating. Today we are having an interview with Alexander Novikov, winner of the grant named after V.E. Fortov for the project titled: “Development of intelligent operation decision support system in terms of investments in industrial nanotechnologies with the application of consulting model.”

Greetings, Alexander! Please, tell us about yourself: where are you from, which field of study did you study on and what are do you do now?

Moscow is my hometown – I was born here and here I studied at school. In 2007 I entered Moscow Poly (MGUIE at that time) on a management program. I graduated with a specialist degree in 2012 and enter a PhD program at the same place. I work at the chair of economics since 2012 and in the Project Activities Center since 2015. I also take part in the activities of Youth Enterprising Development Center, as well as in Youth Innovative Creativity Centre, FabLab and Engineering school. I perform various activities in those departments: consultation of students on startups, sometimes I organize lectures and master-classes with guest lecturers, sometimes I administer and moderate or even teach some lectures myself.

When did you start your scientific life and what was the reason for that? Tell us about your first steps; who inspired you to do science? Maybe it was some film or book that inspired you?

Valeria Semenova (, she is still teaching) offered me to participate in a municipal contest of social projects. Vladimir Dmitrievich (head of Economics and Organization department) proposed to take part in the conference with my article. It happened during the fifth term, if I’m not mistaken. And then it just kept going: graduate diploma, proposition to enter post-graduate studies etc.

What development brought you Fortov’s grant? Tell us about its perspectives.

I have graduated from post-graduate courses, but I haven’t defended my thesis. I think, that it must have some highlight, it must bring scientific ideas. Subject of my thesis is “Assessment of innovations economic efficiency”. I came up with it ten years ago. I thought that soon economists will lose their job to robots. Then I learned about the grant. That was the moment when everything changed: I was getting tired of online classes, I was offered to participate in grant, and my thesis was lying without this “highlight”… Then I decided that I will help computers to take work from my colleagues, applying mathematical tools of fuzzy logics to the investors’ needs: I will create a prototype of expert system, which can be asked if the idea is good, it will cooperate with experts, analyze results and give a digital answer. Someone might say “well, I don’t know”, but the system knows, how to show it in deflator.

What is your primary motivation in science? What do you find to be the most interesting part about your work?

Human brain is a lazy thing. If you don’t do something new, won’t rack your brains, then they will stagnate. That would be enough to lack behind, you got slow and now someone else took the first place. Sometimes it’s not fair, that brilliant ideas are coming at the same time but only one who handles them gets all the riches. On the other hand you meet great people who are doing the same thing you do, you are getting inspired by their motivation and will to create, improve.

Share your plans with us. Are you planning to keep on doing science? What direction will you choose? Are you planning on getting a new degree (PhD, etc.)?

Let’s see what will come from it. Maybe I will defend my thesis, using some of the results. Then I’ll see, what support programs there will be and which one of the will correspond with my scientific interests: innovations economics, individual transport as an element of modern urban studies and micro energy. I will continue active work if I have some inspiration.

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