June 2023

Students Moscow Poly Learnt Entrepreneurship under “MosPolytech – Moscow” program

The program aims at supporting teams providing the projects and initiatives in forming innovation products. 400 students are thought to undertake education. Under the process of implementation, Moscow Poly partners with “Business Environment” AO, Sber`s subsidiary company.

At the seminar devoted to launching a program, the vice-president for scientific affairs Anton Nalivaiko emphasized the importance of project teams and students initiatives in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

In his turn, the head of the “Online Education” block under Sber`s “Business Environment” Egor Sokolov introduced the contents of the acceleration program and noted that the participation provides additional perks. As such, students will get access to a closed data base in starting up and opening one`s own business, that has in its collection experience, knowledge, tools and business hacks of many entrepreneurs. The best graduates will be selected for the participation in the second stage of the accelerator – “SBERSSTUDENT”.

Representatives of the industrial partner of the acceleration program “Avtopribor” also took part in the event. The University and the enterprise signed a cooperation agreement that envisages for shared expertise and promotion of innovative and entrepreneurship projects.

The director for marketing and communications for “Avtopribor” Tatiana Kolosunina noted the interested that industrial enterprises pose in new elaborations and pool of staff that already have some experience in project activity, including entrepreneurship.

The head of the Center for Project Activity under Moscow Poly Ivan Petukhov shared the integration opportunities of the projects carried out under the acceleration program “MosPolytech – Moscow)

The participants will be able to build and polish their entrepreneurship skills, which will definitely add to the project implementation. The curating teachers will guide the project teams under the program, that will help take them to a whole new level . Next year, Moscow Poly is to launch 250 projects under the project activity discipline, many of them will be taken through the acceleration program. Plus, there`ll be a pleasant benefit: students will be able to receive additional points for accomplishing the assignments within acceleration program if their project has already been implemented in the framework of “Project Activity”, – Ivan Petukhov said.

To participate, please, fill in the application.

On all question, contact the Center for Project Activity (“A-102” office) – +7 495 223-05-23 Ext. 1539, 1531, 1532, or via email: cpd@mospolytech.ru.


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