January 2023

7 Changes to Admission Rules in 2023

Let us introduce you to some new admission rules for the [admission] campaign 2023. Also, we would like to remind that one can find more details about admission to Moscow Poly in the “Admission” section.

1. One admission intake

This year, admission for state-funded education under the general contest will be carried out in 1 intake. Now, after the intake for the programs in priority areas all the state-funded places for bachelor and specialist degree programs will be filled in by 9 August.

However, the universities will have a right to announce an additional intake for the state-funded places that haven`t been filled. That means that those who failed to be enrolled the first time, or didn`t submit the original documents will get a second chance.

2. Five field areas

One can choose up to 5 field areas to apply for. Currently, universities can independently specify the number of field areas that an enrollee can apply for, and this number varies from 2 to 10.

Moscow Poly allows enrollees to apply for programs in 5 field areas. One can choose fewer programs but not more. This year, enrollees will be able to apply not more than to 5 universities.

3. Various discipline combinations to apply for a program

For most of the educational programs, students will get a chance to choose a third national state exam out of 2 or 3 disciplines. That will provide students who`re taking 4-5 exams with more opportunity as they`ll be able to choose the highest score out of all.

4. Lists without last names

From now on, students` last names/ surnames on the competitive lists will be substituted for the personal insurance policy number/ SNILSfor Russian citizens, or a personal ID (the number in the data base that is given to an international enrollee ) – for international enrollees.

5. Admission refusal

In 2022, to prove their decision to enroll, a student had to provide their consent for their enrollment to the University. In 2023 though, it`ll be sufficient to submit the original documents, or – in case you did it from the start – not withdraw them.

6. Contract places – admission till 20 August

Before, universities could set a longer period for students to apply for a contract from of education. However, this year, the latest date is 20 August. This limitation will allow those who failed to be enrolled for state-funded form of education to be enrolled to the contract form.

7. No verification for “Ready for Labor and Defense” badge

The Ministry of Sports has established a unified online system for monitoring the results of participation in the “Ready for Labor and Defense” contest. So that one doesn`t have to submit any additional materials along with the badge that gives additional points when applying.

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