March 2023

992 Women Work at Moscow Poly

In the advance of the International Women`s Day, here is a statistics that describes how many female employees and students there are at Moscow Poly, what departments can be called the most female ones and what faculties have the most number of female students.

So far, there are 992 female employees and 995 male employees – almost equal. For 855 women it`s the primary place of employment.

Among them, 38 are professors and 180 assistant professors

The most “female” can be called the “Foreign Languages” department – 39 women, the Center for Project Activity – 35, “Infocognitive Technologies” department – 29.

Out of 12 189 Moscow Poly students, 4 626 are ladies. That`s 38% of the total number of students.

The most “male” faculty is transport faculty where 87% students are gentlemen. And the most “female” faculty is Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art – over 90% students are ladies.

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