July 2022

85 State-funded Places Allocated for 4 New IT programs at Moscow Poly

Moscow Poly added new educational programs in the field of IT in 2022. Among bachelor programs there is “System and Program Engineering” and “Business Management Information Technologies”, and among master programs there is “Digital Technologies in Sociocultural Sphere” and “IT Management Systems”.

According to Moscow Poly Faculty of Information Technologies employees, the academic curriculum is constantly updated according to the demands that IT industry poses that`s why it`s not only educational programs that are introduced but their contents also does change which is convenient for those students who have already been studying for some time.

“The graduate will help to strengthen the positions of IT market in the process of becoming digitally independent”, - noted the faculty.

The “System and Program Engineering” major (30 state-funded places) will train system designers in the sphere of speech technologies and computer vision. Also, it will be specialists in the sphere of ensuring business continuity.

The “Information Technologies in Sociocultural Sphere” major (25 state-funded places) is unique in the way that it combines two education field areas: approximately 50% of education is devoted to IT and other 50% to technological entrepreneurship and management.

“Digital Technologies in Sociocultural Sphere” IT master program will be good for those who studied humanities as their bachelor degree – philology, journalism, publishing, art studies and others.

The “Information Security Management Systems” master program (15 state-funded places) focuses on training future specialists that will head the IT division and that possess the IT auditing skills, design and IT management system implementation, as well as IT competencies.

Overall, the faculty offers 23 full-time educational programs: 14 for bachelor, 1 for specialists and 8 for masters (in total, there are 159 state-funded places for master programs).


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