August 2022

Priority 2030: Young Student from Moscow Poly Creates Compact-Size Available Car

Among 11 scholars who received fundings named after the prominent USSR and Russian physicist Vladimir Fortov there is a Moscow Poly “Transporation means design” department modeling and 3D modeling lecturer Vladislav Evdakov. Vladislav is working on an individual transportation means of personal mobility with 3D-printed body.

It`s worth noting that grant competition is carried out under the “Priority 2030” strategic academic leadership program and is aimed at supporting the best student projects implemented at the University.

“The ideas to create and shape the future by improving what we have now I`ve been having since student years. We used to often discuss idea of a perfect available car with my colleagues”, – says Vladislav.

After acquiring master`s, in 2018 these dreams turned into the concept of a project for creating budget-friendly compact size transportation means – from 1 to 4-seater cars.

According to the scientist, the funding named after Frolov that he received in 2021 brought him closer to the implementation of his idea.

“The goal of filling the Russian [vehicle] market with available transportation means. The more electrical and hybrid budget-friendly cars are offered, the faster the economy develops. This field area is starting to grow in Russia today”, – says Vladislav. “My project differs from the similar ones in the way that it focuses on driver`s personal mobility, compact size when storing, car mobility, solution of the problems related to traffic jams and parking, not only new design but also production technologies – fully 3D-printed car body”.

The project also accounts for the installed power and fuel units (gas and petrol-based) substitution and transportation prospects for charging accumulators when running, as well as the opportunity to install the autonomous heater for the winter period.

Three large-scale 3D printers with 1m-wide and 1.5m-long operating space has been collected together to implement the project. Two more printers are to be built. The garage-type premises have been rented, materials for metal cutting and welding prepared, components including chassis, steering system, wheels, electric power unit and accumulator purchased. The first group of details is in being printed.

In the end, there should be a 1-seater compact size car with the engine capacity of 3kWe and accumulator capacity of 70A – according to Vladislav, that should be enough for approximately 100-120km run around the city. However, the team is not going to stop there and will go on to expand the project.

After industrial prototype is ready, Vladislav is planning to register the patent for r&d research and publications.


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