April 2022

‘On the Way to Victory’ Book Released at Moscow Poly

Moscow Poly presented ‘On the Way to Victory’ book that dedicated to the participants of the Great Patriotic War who served both at the frontlines and in rears. One 26 April, the University honored the memory of Moscow Poly workers, students who in 1941 rose in defense of their Motherland.

In her welcoming speech, the vice-president for academic affairs Gyuzel Sharipzyanova expressed her gratitude to the employees of every university that participated in creation of this book,

“Moscow Poly is a huge coalition of six big universities, each one having its own unique and rich history. Today I`d like to pay attention to every single university that is a part of Moscow Poly. Thank you for treasuring memories of your heroes and are ready to share them with us”, – Noted Gyuzel Sharipzyanova

The work includes memories, poems and photos back from the era of veterans each and every one of Moscow Poly subdivisions.

The book includes several subject units. One of the sections is devoted to the veterans` memories on ow they lived and worked during 1941-1945. Another chapters tells about the units the first left to protect Moscow.

When working on the book, authors resorted to archive materials and documents from books that have already been published, newspapers of the military time. The authors have also organized interviews with the participants of the War.

The book displays more than 100 photos from personal and University archives, museums, internet editions. In addition to that, the collection is accompanied by satiric engravings from the museum fond and works by the artists – University alumni, including participants of war, for instance, Kukryniksov.

Svetlana Morozova, the author of the idea, has shared in detail about the process starting from idea to the very release, and expressed gratitude to all who care about preserving the Moscow Poly heroes.

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