The Сorrespondence Essay Contest "Vector of Life" will be held at Moscow Polytechnic University from May 28 to June 26 2020

The correspondence essay contest "Vector of Life" is dedicated to the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Its aims are to attract young people to the fight against drugs and arise a sense of public spirit and patriotism as important factors in the prevention and counteraction of drug crime and the ideology of terrorism. The organizers of the competition are the Directorate for Educational and Social Work and the Faculty of Economics and Management of Moscow Polytechnic University. Students and employees of the Moscow Polytechnic and other Russian universities can take part in the competition.

The competition accepts essays on the following topics:

a) Drugs and their impact on the development of an adequacy of personality;

b) Crime and infection. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the drug business;

c) Prevention of the use of proceeds from the illicit trafficking of drugs and their precursors for the financing of terrorism and extremist activities;

d) The effect of spice on a person: social, psychological and physiological aspects;

d) Why do young people take drugs or the reason for their use.

To participate in the Contest, it is necessary to send the contest work till June 20, 2020 via e-mail The work must be signed (name, country (region), faculty / institute / branch, course, group number). When sending a file via e-mail, it is necessary to write in Latin letters the name and group number for students of Moscow Polytechnic University (example IVANOV_151-651.doc) or only the last name for students of other universities or employees (example IVANOV.doc) in its name .

Your work should have the following structure:

a) title page:

- heading - in capital letters in the center of the page (font Times New Roman, size 14 pt, bold);

- Name of the author - on the right (font Times New Roman, size 14 pt, italics);

- Place, year - in the center below (font Times New Roman, size 14 pt).

b) the content part - in width (font Times New Roman, size 14 pt, single spacing).

The works must meet the following requirements: the correspondence of the text of the creative work to the meaning of the statement; correct understanding by the author of the meaning of the statement; presentation of personal position, argumentation of this position using facts from public life, personal social experience; logical reasoning, speech connectedness and sequence of presentation; the presence of illustrative material; the volume of the text is no more than 2 pages of A4 format (illustrations are not included in this volume).

All participants of the contest will be awarded with diplomas, and the winners will get memorable gifts with the symbols of Moscow Poly. We wish inspiration to the contest participants and look forward to interesting, informative and creative works!

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