March 2023

Moscow Poly Students Invited to Take Part in Ecological Campaign

The “Circle of Life” autonomous charity organization is holding an ecological campaign “Give in Waste paper – Grow a Tree”. Moscow Poly students will get a chance to give in recyclable materials and receive tree and flower seeds to plant for beautification.

To participate in the campaign, one has to:

  • Register and receive a unique participant`s number
  • Donate recyclable materials in one of the following ways: independently to one of the collection stations at an application for disposal made in advance. Accepted for donation are waste papers, glass and certain plastic.
  • After donating the recyclable materials (on the same day), please, create a notification on the website, after which you`ll be awarded green points. For instance, for 1kg of waste paper donated one will receive 4,5 green points.
  • Participants can use the points received for self-planting or charity planting in the catalogue
  • Pick up the seeds (for self-planting) at the nearest station on April 26 and plant them in an approved location

Read about the campaign in more detail on the website – “Circle of Life”.

For reference: the movement started first in St. Petersburg in 2017. Only a few months later, a number of cities joined in. Since 2017, 3,252,199kgs has been recycled, 114 547 trees, brushwood and flowers planted. Charity beautification campaigns of 27 socially valuables objects have been held, 38,000 pine and spruce seeds have been planted at charity forest plantations.

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