June 2023

SberEducation Invites Moscow Poly Students to Educational Platform «Edutoria»

The summer is ahead of us, that`s the period when one can change their life, find an interesting job or a new hobby. To do that, an educational platform by Sber – “Edutoria” is giving students a free three-month subscription for Ed+.

The subscription includes:

• 100+ free courses starting from IT coming to creative sphere

• 7 courses in creative industry from “Musa” special project

• 15% discount for over 280 programs

In the course of summer, one will be able to master programming, finance, business skills, art, foreign languages – all of that at once. Ed+ won`t help you to simple learn something new but acquire skills that will truly be useful in life.

Use the promo code – EDUTORIA-MOSPOL-2-23 and subscribe for free. However, the subscription should be activated before 31 August.

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