August 2022

Rosmolodezh Announces Application Campaign

On August 5, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) announced the application campaign for the support of youth projects and social initiative implementation.

Russian citizens from 14 to 35 years old can submit their projects in 1 of 15 nominations and compete for receiving fundings up to 1,000,000 RUB. The recommended project implementation period is from November 2022 to October 2023. 

Applications are accepted online and shall be referred to the “Molodezh Rossii” until 22 August 22, 12:00am (Moscow time).

When filling in the applications to “Molodezh Rossii”, we recommend familiarize oneself with the methodological recommendations for private persons, and watch the video course for the participants of the “Rosmolodezh. Fundings” academy.

Contest nominations

  1. #Create_opportunities – projects aimed at providing employment prospects, including self-employment;
  2. #Explore_environment – projects aimed at developing small territories; 
  3. #Unite – projects aimed at supporting international dialogue and cooperation;
  4. #Protect – projects aimed at combating extremism and terrorism among young people;
  5. #Erase_boundaries – projects aimed at working with disabled people;
  6. #Preserve_nature – projects aimed at environmental education; 
  7. #Move_communities – projects aimed at supporting and developing student communities;
  8. #Inspire – projects aimed at supportive creative initiatives and developing cultural educational environment;
  9. #Take_care – project aimed at developing civic identity and preserving family values
  10. #Explore_country – projects aimed at increasing touristic attractiveness and expanding tourism among young people;
  11. #Stay_healthy – projects aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and sports;
  12. #Remember – projects aimed at preserving historical memory;
  13. #Speak_about_the_important – projects aimed at developing youth media;
  14. #We`re_Together – projects aimed at developing and supporting volunteering activity;
  15. #You_are_not_alone – projects aimed at preventing behavior deviations and socialization among young people.

Ask any questions about the “Rosmolodezh. Funding” contest in the chat.

Detailed information is on the website.

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