April 2022

Phystech Business Solutions Student Case Championship

Phystech Business Solutions is a contest for students where they compete in solving cases in the sphere of web3 technologies that are provided by our partners, the leaders: Curve, Zerion, Rarible and P2P. Besides, the championship envisages the prize fund in the amount of 1 800 000 rubles for the best solutions, as well as NFT.

The event focuses on increasing the number of career opportunities for the participating student, as well as promoting high-tech field area.

The participants will be given a chance to submerge themselves into the new IT sphere by taking our online course, practically implement the knowledge through solving cases provided by the experts, get acquainted with the leading figures in the wed3 industry and present them your CVs and portfolios, as well as win the money prize.

A more detailed information is provided on the official Phystech Business Solutions, as well as our groups in:

VK: https://vk.com/phystechbs and Telegram: https://t.me/pbs_news

As a result of the championship, 12 winning teams will be identified. These teams will get money prizes from the Phystech Union (1st place – 200 000 rubles; 2nd place – 150 000 rubles; 3rd - 100 000 rubles), as well as NFT tokens.

At the same time, all teams will get complimenting souvenirs with the partnering companies and Phystech Business Solutions symbolics on them.

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