Photo Requirements

Requirements for photos for students cards:


Width: 25mm

Height: 35mm

Resolution: 300 dpi



Image specifications:

Head height: 27.5mm

From Top part of photo to top part of hair: 2mm

Background colour: light



  •                 The photo must be "fresh", ie. made in the last six months. The photograph can be in color or black and white, with a solid background and without various special effects.

  •                 The facial expression in the photo must be neutral (no smile). All facial features must be clear and not blurry. There are no foreign items.

  •                 The face is in the center of the photo. The face and hair must be clearly visible, from the crown of the head to the chin. Ears must be open.

  •                 A person must look at the photograph clearly in the frame, ie. full face. Head tilt to the side, up or down is not allowed.

  •                 Lighting during the photo must be as natural as possible, there must be no shadows, partial shades.

  •                 You must not be photographed with glasses, unless you wear them on a regular basis. You must not be in the photo in a headwear, if its removal does not contradict your                                  religious beliefs.

  •                 In the case of a printed photograph, its size must be 30x40 mm, on matte paper in the amount of 3 pcs.

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