September 2022

“No Lapse of Time”: Cinematographic Contest to Honor Historical Memory Announced Open

The online stage of the “No Lapse of Time” national youth cinematographic contest has been announced open. Moscow Poly students are invited to participate and present their work.

The contest aims at helping young people form their world view, preserve historical truth about Nazi crimes and their accomplices towards civilians during the Great Patriotic War. Moscow Poly students from 18 to 25y.o. are eligible for participation.

The individual cinematographic works are accepted on the “I Gorzhus” [I`m proud] website in five nominations which include nominations for the best documentary and short-length film, the best animation movie, best scenario and social video.

One can apply until October 3, 18:00. It`s worth noting that over 60 works have been presented to the contest in 2021, 19 of them were announced winners.

For reference: the Contest is held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, “I Gorzhus” association of student patriotic clubs, “Russian Search Movement” national social movement for perpetuating memory of those perished in the defense of Motherland. The Contest is held in the framework of the implementation of the “Patriotic Upbringing for Russian Citizens” federal project.

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