December 2023

Moscow Polytech Invites Employees and Students to Take Survey

«The Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects» opens a survey among students and employees of Moscow Polytech. The list of topics under study includes population study, technologies, environmental study, climate, food, healthcare and pandemics, power engineering, space, economics and social culture.

In the framework of its activity, the autonomous non-commercial organization «The Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects» periodically publishes various studies on the website and holds written expert surveys on the topic of global tendecies that have an impact on the future development of Russia in a wide range of areas.

Moscow Polytech students and employees can take a survey in the course of which the respondents will be offered to determine the most relevant tendencies that influence the development of the country.

The survey will take place on December 20, 2023.

As a result of the questionnaire, an analytical report will be formed with its results presented for public discussion and forwarded to the Russian HEIs that participated in the questionnaire.

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