September 2022

Moscow Poly Students Can Take Part in Youth Entrepreneurship Development Projects

Under the implementation of the Russian national program for developing youth entrepreneurship, “RosMolodezh. Business” is holding 36 events that will be visited by over 10,000 participants. Moscow Poly students also have an opportunity to participate in the abovementioned events and develop their soft skills.

The program aims at establishing and developing sustainable regional communities of young entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Russia. The program will unite beginners and running entrepreneurs, and form the regional and national ecosystem for youth entrepreneurship that will allow to build the dialogue between the society and government.

One the organizing committee members, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (RosMolodezh) offers Moscow Poly students to take part in several projects and events.

“A Day with Entrepreneur” national project

The project accounts for the opportunity to communicate with real entrepreneurs that are ready to tell the stories of their success and share business processes secrets. In the framework of the project, one can meet Russian leading entrepreneurs and learnt how the business works and what obstacles one can experience on the way.

Young Entrepreneurs Club

The project aims at establishing effective co-working and open dialogues, attending meet ups with participation of investment foundations and individual investors. In addition to that, it`s expected that the propositions for developing youth entrepreneurship at the legislative level and undertaking further professional trainings in finances, law, marketing, management, and etc., will be put forward.

“Mentor`s Workshop”

The projects is implemented in Russia for the first time and offers Russian entrepreneurs under 35 y.o. to try on the role of supervisors (mentors) for the beginning entrepreneurs and teams. At the workshops, experienced entrepreneurs will polish their competencies in mentoring, tacking and business-processes assessment.

“Business. Generation” project

The project includes an intensive program where the participants will be able to turn their ideas into the real business cases and implement them. During the educational part of the project, the participants will get to develop their soft and hard skills, including the calculation of the financial planning of the enterprise, creating brand and attractive design, advertisement settings, attracting clients, and much more.


One can register for participation at the “Russian Youth” platform. More details about other programs on the “RosMolodezh. Business”.

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