February 2022

Moscow Poly Joins Separate Waste Collection Project

Moscow Poly joins the separate waste collection project launched by a “Different Story” platform. Now students will be able to give in gathered wastes, PET bottles and bottle caps separately and, what`s more important, correctly.

Pay attention that it`s not only important to give in garbage separately but also comply with the conditions otherwise there will be no benefit. Before putting the garbage into the box – learn how to do it properly. You can find a short instructional note on the box or in a special article.  

The “Different Story” app allows students to get points for bringing in wastes for recycling. At the same time, there are 2 assignments that students face when it comes to recycling:

The 1st is to bring in the wastes and put them into a special bin for recycling materials located on the University premises. There are limitations set on the volume of materials that can be brought in for recycling, such as a minimum of 1kg for paper. Every task has a detailed description and is awarded with points. Bringing in waste paper, for instance, will give you 500 points.

The 2nd assignment is to take out the bin when it`s full. Students will have to gather in groups for that. However, the size of the group depends on the recyclables students are going to take out. For instance, it doesn`t take more than 3 persons to take out the bottle caps and deliver them to the specified address. Having accomplished this kind of task each student will be able to get up to 1500 points.

To get to the task section in the app you only need to click on the link or scan the QR-code that are there on the project bins.

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