May 2023

Moscow Poly Media Specialists Can Participate in “MEDIACODE” Contest

In the period between 17 May and 10 September 2023, the Ministry of Education will hold the “MEDIACODE” contest in the framework of the “Science of the Future: Science for Youth” VIII Russian national forum.

The Ministry of Russia invites Moscow Poly students, members of student media editorial teams and student media centers. The contest is designed to single out students and student teams that make content about science, academicians and encourage the best works, as well as promoting among students the information about projects and initiatives related to the “Science of the Future: Science for Youth” forum.

The contest includes 7 nominations:

  1. “Spark” (photo)
  2. “Subject” (writing)
  3. “Synthesis” (media projects)
  4. “Discourse” (podcasts)
  5. “Star of Science” (personal brand in media)
  6. “Digit” (digital projects)
  7. “Clear” (scientific-popular projects)

To participate in the contest, it`s necessary to submit the application in the period between May 17 and September 10, 23:59 via email: mediakod@sfy-conf.ru. It also required to post a publication about the participation in the contest under #наукамолодых (science of youth), #наукабудущего (science of the future), #медиакод (media code) in one the social networks: VK, Telegram, Dzen, and other official sources of the University, student media.

Candidates can present works created and published in the period between September 1, 2022 and September 10, 2023 under the condition that it hasn`t already been presented at different contests and festivals.

The contest work should focus on a story about science and technologies, scientific discoveries, academicians, researchers or innovators. What`s going to be evaluated is the topicality, creativity of presenting the information, clarity and comprehensibility for the mass audience, scientific correctness, creative approach and artistic of performance.

The jury board that is formed of experts, journalists, editors of the leading media, interdisciplinary teachers will form the short-list after evaluation of works. The winners will get a chance to undertake an internship as members of the “Science of the Future: Science for Youth” press center that will take place Oryol on September 20-23, 2023.

Find out more detailshere

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