June 2021

International Award #MYVMESTE

DOBRO.RU platform hosts the International award #MYVMESTE.

Its goal is to identify leaders from socially-oriented non-commercial organizations, volunteers, businesses, journalists and support their initiatives, aimed at improving of life conditions and helping people. The award is dedicated to the achievement of Russian National Development Goals till 2030.

The award is the continuation of the All-Russian promotional action of mutual help #MYVMESTE that helped 6,5 million people during the pandemic.

The award provider is the Association of Volunteer Centers.

Volunteers, journalists, bloggers (aged 14+), commercial and non-commercial organizations can participate in the award.

In order to participate, apply till July, 5 (in Russian).

The winners will receive their prizes during the International Forum of public participation #MYVMESTE, which is held in Moscow, 5 December.

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