October 2021

Get Vaccinated and Stay Healthy

How to prepare for the vaccination:

1.     Will an anti-histamine medicine before or after the shot help to reduce the reaction on the vaccine, avoid fever, pain and swelling in the injection site?

-         No, you don’t need to take such medicines.

2.     What should I do if I have fever and headache after the shot, etc.?

-         Such reaction is common and is completely normal. You can conduct symptoms treatment.

3.     What should I do if I got infected with COVID-19 after the 1st shot?

-         In this case you don’t get the 2nd shot.

4.     What should people with chronic diseases do?

-         They should get vaccinated as soon as possible, as they are in high-risk group.

5.     Should I get tested or examined somehow before the shot?

-         No, there’re no such requirements. The main thing is to be in good health on the day of the shot.

6.     Can I take anti-anxiety medicines before the shot?

-         Yes, it is not forbidden.

7.     If I am an allergic person, do I have higher chances of negative effects after the shot?

-         If you are an allergic person, please tell the doctor about it. The doctor will recommend the better vaccine option for you.

Vaccination for aged people:

1.     Aged people are in high-risk group in case of getting COVID-19. Due to the weaker immune system they run the risk of possible complications, which may result in death. That is why it is very important to stay healthy!

2.     Vaccination is the safest way to protect yourself from a grave case of COVID-19 and different complications.

3.     Aged people tolerate the vaccine without any side effects due to the particularities of the immune system in this age.

4.     You can vaccinate even if you have chronic diseases (if they’re not in the active stage). Consult your attending physician on this matter.

5.     Remember that full immunity develops at least in 42-45 days after the 1st shot. Please continue to follow the safety measures till the development of necessary antibodies (avoid crowded places, use mask in public places, wash your hands or use sanitizers.

Keep safe!

Vaccination in questions and answers.

1.     Which type of vaccine is better for me?

-         All vaccines, registered in the Russian Federation, are efficient and safe.

2.     Do I need to get vaccinated if I have already been infected with COVID-19?

-         Yes, you should still get vaccinated.

3.     Can vaccines affect the DNA?

-         No.

4.     Can vaccines affect my abilities to have children?

-         No, not a single vaccine affects your feminine or masculine fertility.

5.     The virus is mutating constantly. Will all these vaccines protect me from new strains?

-         As there are no new gave pathogen changes in the virus, the illness itself is almost the same even with a new strain. The vaccine will still help you.

6.     Can the vaccine result in a positive PCR test?

-         No.

7.     Can I still get infected after the vaccination?

-         Yes, it is still possible, however, in a much lighter form. If you have any symptoms, please, contact a doctor and take a PCR test.   

Stay safe!      

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