December 2023

Exhibition “Comics and Painted Stories” Takes Place at Moscow Polytech

An exhibition called “Comics and Painted Stories” is taking place at Moscow Poly academic block at Pavla Korchagina in the period from December 26, 2023 to January 19, 2024. The exhibition displays comics – students` course and diploma works collected over 12 years of teaching the discipline at Moscow Poly.

It`s been over 12 years that’s students study comics. Something that started as an experiments is one of the common disciplines of the educational program now that has become a traditional defense procedure for “Graphics”.

Moscow Polytech has been one of the first universities that started teaching comics in Russia as a part of educational programs. Today, the University is one of few universities in the country that devote a special subject to studying comics.

Teaching comics based on the graphic traditions goes back to an vanguard school of VKHUTEMAS. In the first place, we`re teaching to treat comics as a kind of art, try not to fit into clichés but rather find their own, individual graphic language, set difficult tasks and find creative solutions m experiment, play and be afraid of nothing.

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