April 2022

Blood Donation Day to be Held at Moscow Poly on April 12

Moscow Poly welcomes all willing to give their love to the ones in need to come and help save lives.

Every blood owner will get food compensation, as well as two days off (the day of donation and any other day)

Mind that to become a donor one should turn 18 years old.

Date: 12 April (Tuesday)

Time: 09:00 - 12:00

Location: Dobro.Center (Pavla Korchagina str. 22, b.2, 2nd floor)

We recommend to familiarizing yourselves with the following provisions:

Contraindications: https://yadonor.ru/donorstvo/become/contraindications/;

Pre- and postdonation recommendations: https://yadonor.ru/donorstvo/become/recommendations/.

Please, fill in the registration form and bring your passport/ ID with you.

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