April 2023

Contest for Industrial Design “Factory of Design 2.0”

In late January 2023, the “Agency for Creative Industries” together with the Union of Designers of Russia launched the second contest of industrial design – “Factory of Design 2.0”. Invited for participation are Moscow Poly senior students studying “Design” and teachers.

The Factory of Design is a contest for solutions in industrial design. The project is the key venue for communication between Russian enterprises and designers. Making creative visual image of the national products will allow to enhance the competitiveness of companies and provide additional stimulus to the program of import phase-out.

The first time in 2022, the Contest united more than 500 young designers who were working on 137 tasks in the sphere of industrial design. The work was conducted in 7 directions: “Environment”, “Light Industry”, “Furniture”, “Appliances, “Product”, “Transport” and “Packaging”. In each of the area, the participants had to develop solutions provided by potential customers – Russian manufacturing companies.

This year, 4 blocks have been identified:

“Technical Sovereignty” – developing solutions for mechanical engineering and instrument making enterprises;

“Export” – developing solutions for companies that are exporting industrial products

“Everyday Life” – developing solutions that would meet the demands of wide population

“Sustainability” – ESG and solutions in the sphere of rehabilitation.

As a result of work, there will be a collection of best concepts put forward published. The registration lasts till April 17 on the official website of “Factory of Design 2.0”

In the structure of Moscow government, the Agency of Creative Industries is resource center for developing creative entrepreneurship and improving the city by means of creative industries.

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