July 2021

Conference “Tragic pages of the European history: the Resistance and the problem of collaborationism with the Nazi Germany during the World War II”

Dear colleagues!


Federal State Autonomous Educational Organization of Higher Education “Moscow Polytechnic University” organizes the 3rd International Research and Practice Conference “Tragic pages of the European history: the Resistance and the problem of collaborationism with the Nazi Germany during the World War II”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in cooperation with Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Dagestan to the President of the Russian Federation and Russian Historical Society.


 21-22 September 2021

The conference will cover a wide range of historical, military, diplomatic and political questions of the World War II period in the context of European countries participation in the Nazi anti-USSR crusade and the origins and nature of collaborationism in Europe. One conference section will be dedicated to the analysis of high-school and university literature of European countries and to the interpretation of collaborationism, opportunism and cooperation of European countries with the Nazi Germany in its fight against USSR.

 The following topics are suggested for the discussion:

  •      Modern interpretations of European countries’ collaborationist politics during World War II in educational literature.
  •      How accurate is the history of military formation of European Countries in the Wehrmacht army.
  •      European economy on the Nazi Germany payroll.
  •      Historical policy and memory. Ideological constructs of European countries’ politicians: seeking the truth or attempts to disguise the dishonorable pages of history in the info war. 
The conference is held with the support of:

  •     Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation;
  •     State Duma Committee for Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
  •     Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Dagestan to the President of the Russian Federation;
  •     Russian Historical Society

University professors, employees of relevant organizations and post-graduate students, who are engaged in relevant research, are welcome to participate.

The conference might be held online die to the current COVID-19 situation.

Foreign participants can deliver their presentations and speeches via the space bridge or virtual participation.

The following sub-forums are planned in the terms of the conference:


Sub-forum 1

Foreign historiography of European countries participation in the World War II as German allies (European countries’ educational literature analysis)

Sub-forum 2

The Resistance movement in European countries.

Sub-forum 3

Armies and national army formation of European countries in the Nazi fight against the USSR


Sub-forum 4

European economy on the Nazi Germany payroll


Sub-forum 5

Modern approach in European countries’ educational literature to the help of the USSR in liberation from the Fascist occupation and the recovery of European economy.


The participation is free of charge.

The organizing committee is ready to provide the hotel accommodation in Moscow for participants from other cities from 20 till 23 of September, 2021.

The hosts and participants are responsible for all the expenses, related to the transport and accommodation during the conference period.

Conference program and information package will be published before the event.

Conference languages: Russian, English.

Speeches time limits: 20 minutes for a plenary meeting; 10 minutes for a sub-from sessions.

In order to participate in the conference, you need to complete the online-registration process (http://pobeda75_2020@mail.ru) from 18 till 20 September, 2021 and provide all necessary information.



18-20 September – the registration process on the Website;

21 September – conference plenary meeting;

21-22 September – conference sub-forums;

22 September – closing of the conference, debriefing, diploma, certificate and certificate of achievement delivery ceremony.


The information package will be published before the beginning of the forum.

The reports can be submitted till August 1, 2021

The conference papers will be published and registered in the scientific online source e-LIBRARY.


Scientific articles, which meet the conference profile and reflect the results of author research, are accepted for further publication.

It is forbidden to register articles, which have already been published or sent to other publishing houses.

 The article must be structured, i.e. contain the following sections, typical for scientific publications:

• introduction;

• scientific relevance and importance of the issue with a short review of scientific literature;

• formulation of the problem;

• body part;

• conclusions.

The articles (reports) must contain:

• name;

• information about authors (full name, place of work, city, country, e-mail);

• annotation (maximum 100 words);

• the list of key words or phrases (maximum 7) ;

• list of references, (recommended amount – from 10 to 15).

One article can have maximum 3 authors.

Rules of article formation

       The volume – up to 8 pages (Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1,5 line spacing). Author’s full name is printed in the right part in semi-bold type, the article’s title is typed in capital letters, also in semi-bold type. It’s forbidden to use syllabification. References to the sources and used literature (in the order of citation) are typed after the text in the form of notes, the use of automated notes is forbidden. The reference numbers are typed in the text in square brackets [1], [2]. Please, do not use space for document formation and cross-references. NB: the references must be in the same format as the main text.

Examples of reference formation:

1.      Berdyaev N, The Destiny of Russia. M., 1991. P.Z.

2.      Yakimets V.N., Nikovskaya L.I. Compound conflicts// Social research. 2005. #8. P. 77-80.

3.      Fenukhin V.I. Ethnopolitical conflicts in modern Russia, using the example of North Caucasus: Autorep. Thesis … PhD in political sciences. M., 2002. P. 14.

4.      Kremleva S.O. Social communities. URL: http:// www.library.by/portalus/modules/psychology (date of visit 11.11.2005).

5.      The State Archive of the Russian Federation (SARF). F. R-7021. Op. 16. D. 1 L.3

6.      Field data of dialectological and ethnolinguistic expeditions of Rostov State University (RSU). Informer – I.R. Pshenichnova (born 1926), registered in Elizabeth Page from the Azovskiy district of Rostov in 2003.

The organization committee reserves the right not to accept the works which violate the requirements, stated above.


Contact information:

П.Корчагина,22 str. class ПК-224

Tel.+7(916) 934-49-68 Lobanova Yulia Vladimirovna

+7(916) 972-68-63 Vagabov Makhach Mustafaevich

E-mail: pobeda75_2020@mail.ru.

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