July 2022

Applications for Prize “For devotion to Science 2022” Accepted Since 26 July

Applications "Za Vernost Nauke 2022" [For Devotion to Science] Prize that is held annually by the Ministry of Science and Russian Federation are accepted since 26 July.

In 2022, the Prize offers 14 nominations:

  1. Scientific journalist of the year

  2. Scientific director of the year

  3. Scientific photographer of the year;

  4. “Science is popular”

  5. “Science as art”

  6. The best popular science student project

  7. “Biogenetic education” nomination;

  8. “Environmental education” nomination

  9. “Protection of historical truth” nomination

  10. Special prize named after Daniil Granin;

  11. Special prize for popularization of the atomic sphere

  12. Special prize for popularization of the space sphere

  13. Special prize for popularization of Russian elaborations

  14. Scientific media office of the year

“The best popular science student project” and “Special prize for promoting Russian elaborations” nominations are introduced for the first time this year.

Financial rewards, as well as special prized from the “Rosatom” and “Roskosmos” state corporations are awaiting the winners.

The applications are accepted from individuals, as well as alliances. The application period will last till 3 October, whereas the awarding ceremony itself is planned to be held in November 2022. The applications shall be sent to research@masu.edu.ru in advance.

The Prize has been awarded annually from 2015 for outstanding achievements in the sphere of science, scientific achievement promotion and supporting the prestige of the scientific action. The Prize has been actively growing. Last year it has been marked by the record number of applications – 744, and has been enlisted on the list of the most significant events in the Year of Science and Technologies.

More detailed information can be found on the website.

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