September 2022

“Hot-Hearted”: Application Period Goes On for 2023 Awarding Ceremony

The organizing committee of the “Hot-Hearted” national public initiative with international participation informs that the application period for the 2023 awarding ceremony will last till 1 December 2022.

The “Hot-Hearted” national public initiative has been implemented in Russia since 2013. Its main goal is to express gratitude to children and young people under 23 years old having demonstrated personal involvement and active social position, having selflessly come to the aid of people, or having overcome real hardships of life.

In 2023, the initiative will be held for the 10th time. In the course of the previous years, the “Hot-Hearted” breastplates and symbols were awarded to 1,326 winners from Russia and international countries.

The Initiative is held by the Foundation for Social-Cultural Initiatives under assistance of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Children`s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation, Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, RosSotrudnichestvo, RosMolodezh (Federal Agency for Youth Affairs), “Russian Movement of Schoolchildren” national public organization and “Yuarmy” Russian children and youth military-patriotic movement. The Initiative supports international participation since 2020.


Information for the participants:

The Provision for the Initiative, photo and video materials, online versions of the published “Hot-Hearted” edition, electronic nominations for the award, and other necessary documents can be found on the official website of the Initiative.

Presented for the award can be children and youth (students of general secondary schools, institutions of professional education, institution of higher professional education having complying with the legislation) under 23 years old, as well as children and youth organizations and unions demonstrated the examples of the following:

  • dealing with emergency and/or death threat posed for others (life saving in fire and water; rendering help to the flood victims; wild fires, car accidents and industrial disasters; life protection against criminal encroachment);
  • overcoming real life hardships, including health disabilities;
  • successful Implementation of socially important projects providing held to those in need.

The applications for the Award are accepted online on the official website of the Initiative.

Upon all organizational questions one may contact the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives via vtorop@fondsci.ru, the contact: Valeria V. Torop, head of the Directorate for Youth Affairs and Work with Public Organizations.

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