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Moscow Polytech
30 October 2017

The Moscow Poly at the school Elevator to the Future

Last week one more shift of the Engineering and Designer School Elevator to the Futureended. It was arranged on the basis of the all-Russian children center “Orlenok”, and the Moscow Poly was one of key partners of the school.  

For 20 days the school participants, having united in the teams-laboratories, developed ideas of eight technology startups. The Moscow Poly employees and students supervised two teams out of eight.

The laboratory “Intellectual energy systems” was conducted by a third-year student Irina Kuzmina. Her team created a system for energy supply optimization owing to a proper choice of accumulators for different cases. This system allows to optimize expenditures on electric energy. The program for accumulators’ choice was implemented in the Python programming language.

The laboratory “3D modelling and industrial design” was supervised by an employee of the Moscow Poly Engineering School Andrey Ponomarev jointly with a second-year student Maria Kipina. Their team was designing a new type of a vehicle – “bike quadro”. It uses a hybrid drive, which combines the pilot’s muscular power and possibilities of an electric drive. The laboratory developed a constructive scheme of a “bike quadro”. It was tested, it has been confirmed that the device could be used all year round in closed territories (like on campus), and a product model was manufactured.

A part of the team worked on a plan to commercialize the project. In the framework of this activity a scheme was proposed aiming at attraction, first, of funds for the start and completion of the prototype; and, second, of a partner for creation of the infrastructure, which would enable use of the “bike quadro” as the main means to drive people and small cargos in a territory, which would include office quarter or residential micro districts and parks (recreation zones).

The idea of a startup on the basis of a “bike quadro” was taken from the program of project activity for the Moscow Poly students.

An employee of Moscow Poly Center for Project Activity Liudmila Vitkevich carried out the general methodological support of the school “Elevator to the Future”. The main objective of the methodologist was to help the participants to stay within the overall project framework and stick to the design norm. An employee of the Engineering School Aleksandr Chikurov was dealing with extracurricular activities, as well as with arranging a meaningful pastime – the events within the education program use to set up a surprising tone and atmosphere at the “Elevator” schools already for a few years, while a good feedback from school participants allows to build a unique educational trajectory for each participant.

“Elevator to the Future” and the Moscow Poly are long-standing partners in arranging engineering and designer schools. And every time bright interesting projects are born due to this partnership, while the Moscow Poly increases the number of motivated applicants, who have a firsthand knowledge that an engineer is a man, transforming a reality around him.









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