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Moscow Polytech
27 October 2017

Say УnoФ to cybercrime: at the Moscow Poly and in Skolkovo it was shown how to protect information on the Internet

October 23-25 the second “Cybersecurity School” for young specialists was held at the Moscow Poly and in the innovations center “Skolkovo. Teachers-practitioners and the “Kaspersky Lab” specialists, experts from “Positive Technologies” and other leading companies from IT industry delivered lectures and conducted master classes on security of web servers and protection of personal data. Participants could check up the knowledge, received during the work of the School, at traditional competitions in the CTF format. All participants of the Cyberschool were awarded with certificates, while the winners got presents from the partners.

According to the data of “Kaspersky Lab”, there is a huge number of web sites in Russia, that pose a threat (the share is approaching a critical mark of 10,8%). It means that the volume of losses due to cyberattacks in a few years will exceed one and a half trillion rubles. Just yesterday, as the TASS reported, President of Russia Vladimir Putin emphasized that issues of cyber securities have a strategic significance for the country as a factor of provision of sovereignty, national defense and state security.

“The Russian segment of the Internet is very big – our country is one of the most advanced ones in terms of information technologies. Many people know how to create web sites literally “on the knee”, but nearly nobody thinks about their security”, - says an organizer of the “School of Cyber Security”, Head of the Master program “Web&Cloud Security” of the Moscow Poly Oleg Mikhalskiy. In addition, the expert notes that ignoring issues of web security leads to blocking them, poisoning with viruses and to the leakage of personal data of users and of credit cards.

As Oleg Mikhalskiy says, the IT market has been growing, but, at the same time, employers note an acute shortage of professional manpower in the labor market. This is the problem which “The Cybersecurity School” is meant to solve. “The main objective of the School is to attract the best students and young scientists to the sphere of information security”, - says the teacher. – “Within three days over 200 registered and preliminary selected by their qualification participants of the school got practical information about the Cyber Security market, requirements of employers, possible areas for specialization and career building. Experts in information security of the Sberbank, of the FINCERT of the Central bank, of R-Vision, Group-IB, Rostelecom spoke of that briefly and specifically. After that the participants could check up their knowledge at master classes on web security arranged by Positive Technologies, Wallam and SiteSecure”.

The first and the second days of the School were held at the Moscow Poly. During this time the participants listened to the lectures about current directions in information security. Experts told the audience about the ways to hack (circumvent) the biometric authentication systems and gave examples of injections investigations in data bases. And a specialist from “Positive Technologies” showed at the master class “Overview of typical Web application vulnerabilities” how to work with web applications vulnerability by means of a computer and special devices.

In parallel with lectures and master classes, with the support of “SiteSecure”, the competitions in the CTF format (Capture the Flag) were held. Participants had to solve 15 tasks, searching for web vulnerabilities. The prizes were designated for those who would solve more tasks within the time-limit and entered the top 10. According to the Moscow Poly teacher Aleksey Grishin, only a half of participants dared take part in the competitions, and 30 of them scored a hundred or more points. It is a very good result, showing the ability of professionals to find vulnerabilities in web infrastructure of a customer.

The awards ceremony took place at the conference “Skolkovo Cyberday” at the innovations center “Skolkovo” on the third, concluding day of the School work. At the conference the experts discussed development of the Internet of Things and cloud systems, as well as existing cyber threats.

“I am a newcomer in the sphere of information security”, - says a School participant Valeriy Grechin. – “I decided to go deeper in this sphere and listen to the lectures of recognized specialists in this area”. According to Valeriy, he learnt at the Cyber School about the most common causes of hacking, the trends in CS development and a role the artificial intellect plays in them. “Most of all I liked the presentation “Armies of smart bots – cyber weapon of the future” by the leading expert in competitive intelligence Andrey Masalovich. His lecture was about how hackers use bots to commit crimes”, - explains the School participant.









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