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Moscow Polytech
2 April 2018

Schoolchildren from engineering classes were instructed how the road traffic is arranged in Moscow

March 27 the pupils of the 8th grade of School 2127 visited the Situation Center of the Road Traffic Organization Center (RTOC) of the Moscow Government. Children were told how the traffic is regulated in Moscow and received a task to optimize the traffic in their micro-regions. The event was arranged by the Moscow Poly Engineering School (faculty) jointly with the association “Avtonet”.

The Situation Center of the RTOC runs all services of the transportation complex in Moscow. The Center manages 1698 street lights, 2048 video cameras, 6741 sensors, over 100 hundred parking spaces. The meeting with schoolchildren was conducted by Deputy Head of the RTOC, Chief of the Situation Center Aleksandr Besin. According to him, the Situation Center is aimed at monitoring and operational management of the passenger transport, immediate responding to the road situation, work of the information system for traffic participants, running the street lights, photo- and video fixation of the road safety rules violations, control over the parkings work.

In addition to its basic tasks, the Situation Center informs the operational services of the city about accidents, fires and extreme situations. Children were shown how the Center employees monitor the work of high-tech equipment, placed in the city streets.

At the children’s request they were shown also the road situation in the area of the School 2127. They were offered to decide to which extent, in their opinion, the traffic was arranged efficiently and correctly in the Novokosino region, and to prepare a project for its optimization.

The guided tour was arranged in the framework of the trilateral agreement among the Moscow Poly, the School and the association “Avtonet”. The School 2127 takes part in the profession-oriented program of the Moscow City Department of Education “An engineering class in a Moscow school”. In the framework of the project the schoolchildren can visit university labs, take part in the engineering competitions and Olympiads. The Moscow Poly arranges for the children of engineering classes “The preprofessional exam”, “The preprofessional Olympiad” in the engineering-and-designing direction, the engineering direction of the Moscow City contest of research and project works, and, as well, the profile master classes on the basis of the University FabLab or the Children’s Technopark. All these events enable early professional choice of children, their acquaintance with the student work at the university, and allows to get prepared to the admission.









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