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Moscow Polytech
3 April 2018

A demonstration exam in the competence Prototyping was held at the Moscow Poly

March 30 and 31 a demonstration exam in the competence “Prototyping” in the “WorldSkills” format was held for senior schoolchildren at the Moscow Poly Center for Technologic Support of Education. The schoolchildren who have shown the highest results will receive additional scores to EGE for admission to universities.

Classroom stage of the demonstration exam takes place from March 23 to April 10 at various sites in Moscow.  The teachers of the event partner universities develop the tasks. One can earn maximum 100 scores: 40 for the theory and 60 for the practical part. The demonstration exam is designed to help schoolchildren decide on the future profession – the choice of a university, while for a professional educational institution is a means to attract the motivated schoolchildren to becoming their students.

Participants of the exam in the competence “Prototyping” were displaying their knowledge in mechanics and resistance of materials and worked at manufacturing of prototypes – experimental samples. They were creating a model of the plane landing gear: transmitted the drawing to the computer, made calculations and “printed” the detail on the 3D printer exactly according to the specifications.

Experts from educational institutions of Moscow and companies-employers evaluated the schoolchildren’s work, among whom there were the companies “Sukhoy”, RSS “Progress” and others.









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