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Moscow Polytech
5 April 2018

Cyber sport tournament was held at the Moscow Poly

April 3 a tournament in popular computer games took place at the Moscow Poly. The students fought their virtual rivals in “League of Legends”, “NHL” and “NBA”. The event was held in the framework of the series of games intercollegiate tournaments of the company “Riot Games”.

“League of Legends”, abbreviated as “LoL”, is a role-playing video game with elements of a strategy, having the coverage of hundreds of millions of players worldwide. During the day the students could play a session, take a picture with actors-cosplayers of the LoL universe characters, and receive prizes from “Riot”. According to the event organizer Sergey Kuksov, it was an introductory game for the students, not yet aware of this strategy, and, at the same time, a training for the Moscow Poly cyber sportsmen. The final, where the four strongest teams will meet, is to be held on the 15th of April. The broadcast will be available on the Live, Portal of Riot Games.

Just to remind, back in 2016 the Ministry of Sports of the RF recognized the cyber sport, and in 2017 the Federation of Computer Sports was accredited, and thus the opportunity appeared to hold a Championship and a Cup of Russia.

The Cyber Sport tournament was arranged at the university by the Moscow Poly trade-union organization with the help of the “Red Bull” company – the “Riot Games” partner.









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