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Moscow Polytech
29 March 2018

The Transport faculty of the Moscow Poly: racing cars, concept cars and power plants

March 28 Vladimir Miklushevskiy, Acting Rector of the Moscow Poly, inspected laboratories of the transport faculty, and, as well, met with heads of educational programs and departments.

Dean of the faculty Pablo Iturralde told him about training directions and student projects, which are implemented in the framework of the project activity of the university. The transport faculty of the Moscow Polytechnic University trains future engineers along the following directions: “Ground means of transport and technology”, “Maintenance of transport and technology machines and complexes”, “Power engineering” and “Design”. The students of the faculty master modern methods of design and management of technical maintenance of means of transportation, learn to work with software for computer simulation, strength and dynamic analysis, acquire a real experience in creation and experimental research of engines. In addition, the students design electric bikes and racing cars of a new generation, with which they take part in international engineering competitions “SmartMoto Challenge” and “Formula Student”.

The guided tour to the Department “Ground means of transportation” was conducted by its Head Nikolay Khripach. Students learn theory at the Department, designing, maintenance and servicing of transport-traction machines: from passenger cars to industrial tractors and caterpillar conveyors. Graduates of the Department work in research institutes and at factories, in the sphere of maintenance of means of transport and in servicing centers, in commercial companies and many other structures.

Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematical Sciences Arkadiy Skvortsov spoke of the Department “Dynamics, durability of machines and resistance of materials”. The students of the Department get knowledge in the area of mechanical engineering, engine construction, aviation manufacturing, instrumentation and space industry. In the process of education, the high-tech computer technologies are applied, software systems for the engineering analysis and computer engineering. There are testing machines in the laboratory of the Department, a universal training complex for implementing laboratory works, a pendulum for impact test and a row of other testing machines and auxiliary equipment.

The Department “Power plants for transportation and small-size power generating”, about which its Head Andrey Kostiukov told Acting Rector, trains Bachelors and Masters in the direction “Power engineering” with a special focus on the turbine and reciprocating power plants and engines for the ground, water and air transport. In addition, graduates of the Department work in the area of energy supplies. The Department has training and research laboratories, equipped with modern machinery, high-accuracy instruments and powerful computers with up-to-date software “Concept Nrec”, “NUMECA”, “KOMPAS”, “AUTOCAD”, etc.

Head of Department “Design” Aleksandr Skvortsov spoke of training specialists in the field of transport design. The students in interdisciplinary groups learn teamwork, methods of design thinking, analytics, designing, and, as well, are taught to bring the projects to implementation. Students of Department take part in international contests, exhibitions and have practice in well-known Russian and foreign companies, for example, in “AVTOVAZ”, NAMI, BMW, Opel, Peugeot/Citroen, Volkswagen, Ford and others. Every year the graduates present their concept cars at the exhibition of diploma works in the “Degree show” format.









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