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Moscow Polytech
21 March 2018

Hackathon in generating ideas to support a Russian para athlete Dmitriy Pavlenko

March 24 a Hackathon will be held at the Moscow Poly to generate ideas in support of a Russian para athlete Dmitriy Pavlenko, a participant of the project “OpenWaterChallenge”. Students, post-graduate students and Masters of the university will have to develop within a few hours an engineering solution for the problem of provision of autonomous swimming for the para athlete during the time of immersion. The competition is aimed at inventing a way to adapt a standard lever of the swimming system for Dmitriy. The winners will be able to implement their idea in materials and pass over to the athlete.

Dmitriy Pavlenko was 19 when he got injuries due to a grenade explosion during his army service and was left without arms and legs. Last year he became the first certified diver-para athlete with four amputations in Russia. At present his goal is to overcome the record of a Frenchman Philippe Crouzon, who immersed in a basin 33 meters deep in 2013 despite the amputation of limbs. The athlete has already passed the course “DDI Scuba Diver”, and during trainings in the Red Sea in the project “To the meeting with Depth” he managed to pass from the 3rd level of required support under the water to the 2nd one. This means that Dmitriy learnt to dive and float to the surface on his own, managing the process solely by means of respiration, mastered putting on and taking off the mask and is ready for an autonomous immersion in the natural environment.

“I have gone a difficult long-term way of physical and psychological rehabilitation. To get out of the mess I followed suit of other people – there are at least 5 people in the world who dive with an aqualung, having a similar injury. By my project I want to show people with disability that even without arms and legs one can achieve very much. Not just live a full life, but also set world records”, - says Dmitriy Pavlenko.

The essence of the project “OpenWaterChallenge” is to help Dmitriy to immerse on May 7 to the depth of 40 meters in the city of Hurghada (Egypt). For this it is necessary to gather 293 000 Rubles at the crowdfunding platform “”. Another problem is of the engineering-and-inventive character. The waistcoat - buoyancy compensator, used by the diver currently, is not adapted for people with HIA. To allow Dmitriy to reach the inflating valve easily and quickly, the project team thought of screwing a tablespoon to the waistcoat.

On the whole this was a solution, but future immersions require a more perfect design of a buoyancy lever which would allow the diver to use it on his own at depth. This is the task to be solved by young engineers this Saturday at the hackathon at the Moscow Poly. In doing this they will find support in the knowledge of methods and algorithms of the theory of engineering and invention tasks solutions, 3D modeling and additive technologies. “The successful course of the crowdfunding campaign – over 200 sponsors, nearly 80% in 2 weeks of money collection – demonstrates to the hackathon participants and all their fans in a convincing way that their labor and ideas are directed at development of the project, supported by really all people”, - considers the project team member, the diving coach for disabled people Dmitriy Knyazev.









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