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Moscow Polytech
16 March 2018

Vladimir Miklushevskiy had a series of meetings with students

From February 7 to March 13 Acting Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy held a series of meetings with the Moscow Poly students concerning development of the student campus. The events were attended by representatives of hostels’ student councils, trade union organization and student activists. Basing on the results, plans for improvement of hostels will be prepared and a contest will be announced for the best organization and design of the student coworking. 

In the framework of the meeting the students could ask Acting Rector the questions, worrying them, and put forward proposals concerning improvement of rooms, renewal of sport tools in the facilities, arrangement of premises for teamwork at academic projects or common recreation. Student proposals were collected and passed over to respective Vice-Rectors for taking measures. According to Vladimir Miklushevskiy, the hostels should be not just facilities for “storage” of students, but places for communication, sports, creative activities. He urged the students not only to name existing problems, but also to propose ways to solve them and to take part in prioritizing.

“Studies should be in the first place, but a student must have an opportunity to express himself in social projects as well. For example, by taking part in the volunteer movement, student self-government. Such initiatives are not just assistance to senior colleagues. It is the teamwork on common cause where one can find like-minded people”, - he considers. The Acting Rector mentioned that transfer of powers implies the ability to take responsibility. The university administration will support any initiatives, that do not contradict the existing Charter of the University and students’ safety.

But there were questions as well, solution of which directly depends on the administration. A student of the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry said during the meeting in the hostel at the “800-years anniversary of Moscow” Street, that she had to wait for a document for the Pensions Fund for longer than two weeks, and in the end it turned out that the document had been done with mistakes, and she had to wait again. “I will keep saying that the administration works for the students, and not vice-verse. The centers for work with students must work like MFCs, reducing the bureaucracy to a minimum”, - said Acting Rector.

On the whole the students showed their preparedness to contribute to improvement of living conditions at the university. For example, a member of the student council of the hostel at Semenovskaya Street Vladimir Sukhorukov put forward an idea to start sorting the waste, collecting old batteries and devices and then to sell them to processing companies. He proved his proposal by an example of the Sberbank, which buys such rubbish and makes money on the projects with solid municipal waste. According to the student, he has a successful experience with collecting batteries in his house, and he plans to continue dealing with environmentally significant projects. He, as well as authors of other ideas, will have to defend their vision of improving the hostel in the course of a contest. At the contest a special attention will be devoted to the concepts that describe organization and design of student coworkings.

But the Moscow Poly students were interested not only in everyday problems with microwave ovens and shower rooms or issues of self-government. The students from the hostel in the Galushkina Street stood out due to high interest in the personality of Vladimir Miklushevskiy. The students asked him what reminiscences he had about the hostel of the university MISiS, where he lived during his student and post-graduate years, as a native of the Urals; what hobbies he had and what books he read; whether he considered himself a physicist or a lyric. After the meetings the students invited Vladimir Miklushevskiy to take pictures with them.

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