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Moscow Polytech
16 March 2018

The Moscow Poly at the forum Russia is a country of opportunities

From March 13 to March 16 the forum “Russia is a country of opportunities” was held at the VDNKh exhibition. It was devoted to development of a system of transparent social elevators and self-actualization of the talented young people. The Moscow Poly presented at the exhibition the drone “Agrobotiks”.

“Agrobotics” was developed by the Moscow Poly students in the framework of project activity jointly with the Chief of Laboratory of Self-driven Transportation Dmitriy Teslenko. The drone is made of domestic materials and is designed for pointed spraying of chemicals, pesticides and mineral fertilizers. Talented schoolchildren at the project-based shifts at the educational center “Sirius” work with a prototype of this aircraft as well. According to Dmitriy Teslenko, children at “Sirius” are developing the technical part of the project.


In the framework of the project-based shift “Big Challenges” in Sochi the schoolchildren were making a model of the device in the scale 1:7. While working on the prototype, the participants came across real production tasks and passed all life cycles of the project – from research to designing and soldering.

Talented young people from all over the country came to the forum “Russia is a country of opportunities”. In the capital they presented their ideas, capable of changing development of entire industries. For the participants the forum is a unique opportunity to show their projects to competent experts and opinion leaders, and, as well, to expand the range of business and personal communication. The ideas that will define the future of the country were discussed with Vladimir Putin. In addition, the forum was visited by Sergey Lavrov, Sergey Shoigu, Aleksandr Novak, Maksim Oreshkin, the Russian Olympic Team, showbiz stars and artists. All in all, the forum gathered over six thousand participants from 85 regions of the country.









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