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Moscow Polytech
14 March 2018

Whose robotic car is cooler? The Moscow Poly students at the УPROFESTФ competitions

The Moscow Poly student teams took prize places at the X All-Russian Technology Festival PROFEST (called till 2018 “RoboFest”), held from March 7 to March 9 at the 75th pavilion of the VDNKh Exhibition. The students of the engineering faculty became first in the direction “Engineering project” of the nomination “Engineering” (PROFI), while representatives of the IT faculty took the honorable bronze in the competitions of the “RoboRacers”.

Participants of the competition of the robotic cars with computer vision RoboRacers were 11 teams, consisting of schoolchildren and students from 14 to 25 years of age. The Moscow Poly became the organizer of the competitions. The participants developed a robotic model of a micro car, capable of overcoming a road that simulated city roads. According to the Chief Judge of the RoboRacers and Head of Department “SMART Technologies” of the Moscow Poly Timur Idiatullov, the task had been copied from the contests for big self-driven transportation. The robotic car, guided by cameras, is supposed to drive strictly along the markup on the road, avoiding various obstacles, observing the signs and the safety road rules.

“The beauty of these competitions is that all depends on computer vision. That is, children must learn to solve a problem, being guided primarily by the only source of information, though a complex one”, tells us Timur Tofikovich. – “In order to allow the robot to see the markup, the participants have to develop an algorithm. They see on the screens how the car takes decision. It is seen that the artificial intellect is already there. This is exactly the part where math will prove its importance”.

The team of the Moscow Poly Engineering faculty became the only team from the Moscow region that wanted to get to the finals of the competitions in direction “Engineering project”. The students presented a project “Robotic manipulator for technology operations” and, according to the results of the jury voting, took the first place. The project is a robotic arm, with which loading (and unloading) of the parts to the oven is carried out, as well as passing them over for the following technological operations. The work is implemented by the 3rd-course students in the framework of project activity of the Moscow Poly. The students developed fittings for the manipulator and a control system, connected to programming of the managing controllers.

Congratulations to the Moscow Poly students and wishes of further success!


The festival, organizer by the foundation of Oleg Deripaska “Liberal Couse” with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF and the Agency of Strategic Initiatives, became the largest event in Europe in the area of children’s and youth engineering-and-technical creative activity. All in all, the participants competed in 25 robotic disciplines. In addition, there were competitions in professional skills among schoolchildren “JuniorSkills” in 19 competences and among juniors’ corporations – polyprofessional teams. Over 7 000 people, united in 1 800 teams from 74 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belorussia, took part in the competitions.









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