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6 March 2018

The Moscow Poly at the XXV Minsk International Book Exhibition-Fair

February 28-Narch 4 the XXV Minsk International Book Exhibition-Fair was held. More than 360 exhibitors from 32 countries took part in one of the biggest events, connected with books. The Moscow Poly High School of Printing and Media Industry (HSPMI) presented at the exhibition trends and traditions of Russian education in the area of book publishing.

Publishers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, France, UK and USA made presentations of their book projects at the exhibition. First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of the Republic Belarus Maxim Ryzhenkov made a welcome address to the participants. He emphasized the importance of a printed word for upbringing and education, transfer of spiritual and moral values.

The Moscow Poly Vice Rector for Integration, Acting Director of the HSPMI Ekaterina Khokhlogorskaya spoke of the trends in the Russian education in the framework of the business program. She presented the information about faculties of the School and their educational programs, including the Center for Additional Professional Education in media industry. The Center arranges the courses for qualification improvement for the professors’ staff and, as well, for the specialists of publishing divisions. In the course of learning the methods of electronic education are widely applied, and technologies of remote learning.

In addition, Ekaterina Khokhlogorskaya and Assistant of Department of Artistic and Technical Processing of Book Products Anna Kravchenko made a presentation of the graphics school of the Moscow Poly. Training programs of the Institute of Graphics and Book Art named after V. A. Favorskiy are based on traditions of the VKhuTEMAS and the Polygraphy Institute. The training is arranged basing on the needs of the media market and on new technologies, and this allows to correspond to the modern trends in the book design.

In the framework of the business program of the exhibition there was a roundtable of the Gild of book producers, devoted to development of partner relations of publishing industry of Russia and the CIS countries. As a result of discussion of the tools to develop cultural and economic integration, preliminary agreements on cooperation of the Gild and the Moscow Poly were achieved in the area of education and qualification improvement of employees in the polygraphic industry. According to Ekaterina Khokhlogorskaya, associations of employers of the Belarus Republic got interested in the training programs of the HSPMI on the artistic-and-creative and engineering-and-technical directions.









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