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Moscow Polytech
6 March 2018

The Moscow Poly and the tutorship: how successful practices are spread around

The NTI Olympiad, the program “Big Challenges”, The Moscow City Contest of Research and Project Works, the Moscow Preprofessional Olympiad – engineering competitions are gaining popularity, and we speak and write a lot about talented schoolchildren. But those who have trained the engineering teams, remain behind the screens.

This academic year the final stage of the NTI Olympiad is held in a few Russian cities at once. The first results (in 9 profiles, including the profile of the Moscow Poly) were disclosed February 28, in Sochi. Right now, the finalists of the profiles “Self-driven aviation systems” and “Nuclear technologies” are competing in Moscow, and there are St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Tomsk and Vladivostok ahead. Around six hundred out of nearly twenty thousand of participants went out in the finals. Specially for those, who had trained the teams, able to get to the finals, the organizational committee of the Olympiad held the Tutors’ School.

Last year the Moscow Poly became a partner of the Skolkovo Open University for conducting two Tutors’ Schools. Our teachers also took part in preparation of the online course for tutors, to which over four thousand people from all over Russia have already been subscribed. It was the high demand for spreading of tutorship practices that inspired the organizers to hold an intensive course for tutors during the finals of the NTI Olympiad. The School is aimed at working out the methods to create an educative environment for talented schoolchildren. The organizers try to allow the children and their tutors, when they return home, not to focus solely on training to the NTI Olympiad-2019, but to consider options how to promote their projects, to which university to go, how to choose a right training direction, etc.

“We train specialists, who are able to set their goals on their own, to choose their trajectory independently and form new markets or even whole technology production modes. Our objective is to shape a generation of people, who would be able to launch really big projects, the projects, changing whole industries”, - this is how Yuriy Molodykh, Head of the project office of the Association of Participants of Technology Clubs and Co-Chief of the Tutors’ School of the NTI Olympiad, describes a target image of the graduates of Olympiad, project-based schools and the Clubs Movement.

The Organizational Committee of the NTI Olympiad has already created an online site for communications with tutors and it plans to continue working with them in the framework of the regional groups of the Clubs Movement. The purpose of the School is creation of a community, within which a horizontal experience exchange takes place, when developers of the Olympiad tasks send to the teachers the methodologic materials and, in addition, get a feedback.

“We do not have here any traditional master classes, lectures on theory. In essence the tutors’ school is a talk about something important three days long”, - confirms Andrey Andriushkov, dean of the Engineering School (faculty) and Co-Chief of the Tutors’ School of the NTI Olympiad. – “We are trying to make the profile organizers participate actively in communication with the tutors of the schoolchildren, because often our developers are carriers of the most advanced knowledge in their sphere, of the knowledge, which is not yet in the school curriculum. You will not find ready methodologic manuals on machine learning or neuro technologies”.

The Moscow Poly this year also opens a new direction of the volunteer activity among students – “Volunteer tutors”. The students are already passing qualification for enrollment – the volunteers can deal with the pupils of the engineering classes and participants of technology clubs on the basis of the university.









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