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Moscow Polytech
21 February 2018

The Moscow Poly at The Moscow Day of Professional Orientation and Career

February 17 the Moscow Poly took part in the annual “Moscow Day of Professional Orientation and Career”. Visitors of the career forum could attend master classes in aerospace engineering, construction and design of a car. And, as well, to enroll to the classes of the Children’s Technopark of the Center for Engineering Development.

Presentations of universities and employers, tests to define the best professional orientation and lectures of HR experts – the forum had prepared a bright program, supposed to help senior schoolchildren and students to choose their education and career trajectory.

This year the Moscow Poly presented at the exhibition the Children’s Technopark of the Center for Engineering Development. On the basis of the Children’s Technopark schoolchildren will be able to get prepared to participation in Olympiads and to admission to a university, as well. The laboratories are equipped with high-tech soft and machinery in the directions “Automobile design and calculations”, “Transport design”, “Self-driven vehicles” and “Aerospace engineering”.

At “The Moscow Day of Professional Orientation and Career” senior schoolchildren could try their abilities in a role of real engineers. Master classes of the Moscow Poly teachers in assembly of a rotating platform for a solar battery, drawing car sketches and assembly of transport vehicles helped children to find a direction most suited for them.

In addition, employees of the Center for Engineering Development presented a constructor “Educar”, copying a design of a car. The process of working with the constructor interested adults as well, and they took part in the master class together with children.

The Children’s Technopark was opened just recently, but in its territory the educational events are being arranged already. Besides, some schools invite its employees to conduct classes. Thus, February 18 the Moscow Poly employees participated in the Open Day of the school number 446. They held a presentation of the Children’s Technopark for schoolchildren and conducted classes in designing a car on the basis of the constructor “Educar”. It is planned to arrange in the future “A school day in the Children’s Technopark”, during which children will be able to get acquainted with the work of various laboratories.









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