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Moscow Polytech
21 February 2018

A science-and-practice conference УScience Ц society Ц technologies 2018Ф

February 19-20, employees of Department “Physics” of the Moscow Poly held a science-and-practice conference “Science – society – technologies 2018”. About 150 specialists and young researchers from Russian regions and the near abroad took part in the event. During the work of the sections there were reports delivered in the field of physics, mathematics, engineering, technology and pedagogic sciences.

The conference “Science – society – technologies” is held at the Moscow Poly the second year. One of the main objectives of the event is to coordinate efforts of specialists from various areas that play an important role in the life and development of the modern society. According to Associate Professor of Department “Physics” Sergey Kopylov, development of science and technologies is impossible without an adequate perception by the society. The public consciousness should be prepared to the scientific and technological revolution, and the higher school, among other agents, deals with this, by means of training future specialists.

Meetings of four sections took place in the framework of the event: of a section in physics-and-math, in engineering-and-technologies, in pedagogic technologies and, as well, with presentations of the works by students and young researchers. The Doctor of Physics and Math, Professor, Head of Department of general physics of the RU MIPhI Nikolay Kalashnikov was a guest of honor and a conference participant. Professor made a presentation on the topic “The microscopic interpretation of the Yung module in the Hooke’s Law”.

At the physics-and-math section a wide range of issues was examined, from applied science, that is the subject of students’ work in the university laboratories, up to the issues of quantum mechanics, nuclear physics and solid-state physics. Imperfect capacitor, quantum-mechanical model of hydrogen, sound absorption by a substance are examples of the reports’ topics.

This year employees of the Ryazan, Cheboksary, Ivanteyevka branches of the Moscow Poly took active part in the conference. For example, a teacher of Department “Humanities” of the Ryazan Institute (branch) of the Moscow Poly Elena Kostyleva presented a report “A practice-oriented technology of teaching humanities in a technical university” in the framework of the work of the pedagogic section.

As a result of the conference a collected papers book will be prepared to be included in the national bibliographic data base of scientific citing RINC.









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