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Moscow Polytech
16 February 2018

Development of the youth entrepreneurship and export of Russian education were discussed at a forum in Sochi

From February 14 to 16, a Russian Investment Forum was held in Sochi. The event is usually held with participation of Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitriy Medvedev, representatives of big business and official authorities. Acting Rector Vladimir Miklushevskiy and Head of the Research and Education Center (REC) “Technologies Forge” of the Moscow Poly Arseniy Uralov visited the forum.

Over 4 000 participants gathered to the Sochi forum for discussion of the issues of economic development. The key topics were investments in regions and in human capital, support to entrepreneurship and digitalization of economy.

Minister of Education and Science of the RF Olga Vasilyeva spoke at the session “Export of the Russian education: new challenges and the strategy for the future” about the tangible contribution of education exports to the economies of many countries. In 2017 the Ministry of Education and Science compiled a consortium of 39 universities, including the Moscow Poly, and initiated a priority project “Development of the export potential of the Russian education system” (“Education exports”). National education has always been a positive brand at the world market, the Russian educational standards are respected all over the world. It concerns primarily the preschool education and the special professional education, creative professions and engineering training. According to the Minister, to attract more foreign students to study in Russia, the first thing to do is to improve the regulatory framework, simplify obtaining visas for foreigners for a legal stay in the country, pay attention at everyday life conditions and, as well, train teachers, who would be able to work within various joint international educational programs.

“Traditionally, there are foreign students studying in the Moscow Poly, and we intend to continue enabling foreign citizens to come to us for studies of technical disciplines and humanities, and acquire practical skills. We should pay attention at the BRICS countries, with whom we have a long-standing cooperation, and at Viet-Nam. Preparation of high quality Master programs is a way that can allow Russia to develop its education economics”, - considers Vladimir Miklushevskiy.

In addition, the Day of Youth Entrepreneurship was held in the framework of the forum. President of accelerators’ association, Head of the REC “Technologies Forge” at the Moscow Poly Arseniy Uralov was a moderator of the session “Co-working centers as a new form of state support for beginner entrepreneurs”. He informed the audience that in 2017 there were 307 co-working centers registered in Russia, and 107 of them – in Moscow. “The flexible organization of the working space and shaping of an inner business culture are of interest for the community of entrepreneurs, especially among those who mainly work online”, - considers Arseniy Uralov. Besides, the expert spoke at the session of the Ministry of Economic Development of the RF “Development of the youth entrepreneurship and innovative creative activities”.









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