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Moscow Polytech
20 February 2018

Young researchers from the Moscow Poly will receive grants of the program УEggheadФ

The list of projects, submitted for funding under the program “Egghead”, has been disclosed. Three young researchers from the Moscow Poly have passed the contest selection. Their developments will receive financing from the Foundation for Innovations Promotion.

The system of protection of forest territories from pests by means of self-driven aviation system, invented by a post-graduate student Aleksey Zhukov, was submitted to the contest at the stage of a concept. The development automates the activities for forest protection by means of modern technologies. The self-driven aerial system includes, besides the aircraft, an operator, a computer ground station, by which he controls the drone, and a documented permission for flights. According to Aleksey, he plans to spend the grant in the direction “Aeronet” to manufacture a prototype and hold the testing of the system.

The project of the team of Masters Elena Yermoshina and Semen Karpov “Absolute”, a program for optimal calculation of the manufacturing costs of parts for processing industries, took part in the direction “Tekhnet”. The development will allow manufacturing companies to process the orders, coming in, faster, significantly reducing material costs. The project was developed in the framework of the Master’s Course of the faculty of technology entrepreneurship and is a fulltime startup. In addition, recently the projects of these students “Absolute” and “Smart Microwave” were accepted by the international accelerator NUMA, having got approval of international experts and investments for development.

An innovative 3D editor for fast creation of 3D concepts and models “Polybrush” by a post-graduate student from the Moscow Poly Higher School of Printing and Media Industry Arseniy Korablev was also included in the list of grant recipients in direction “Tekhnet”.  By combining the skills in programming and in computer graphics, Arseniy created the software that simplifies work at the initial stage of creating design of a 3D model. The development will be useful for creators of computer games, cartoons and films. The developer plans to spend his grant on improving the program, adapting it for other platforms and its promotion.

The program “Egghead” is aimed at support of commercially oriented science-and-technology projects of young researchers from 18 to 30 years of age. Directions of the program respond to the tracks of the National Technology Initiative. The timing for implementation of the research work is within 24 months from the date of signing the grant agreement.









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